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Curiosity! How can it help?

On April 21, 2019

Curiosity! How can it help?

Curiosity! How can it help?

And how valuable is it in building on our professional success?
Being curious and learning something requires us to exercise cognitive muscles that may have gone slack. We are all so happy in our comfort zone, where we know what we know, and we know it well.

How often are you harnessing your right brain’s preference to seek to learn about things you don’t know?

In my view, constant curiosity is a major determinant in helping us succeed in business – but it takes some mental focus to practice.

Here are some ways in which exercising your brain to insistently stay curious, will have an impact.

1. Building customer relationships: People are drawn to those who show interest in them. Having a keen fascination in others gives you the opportunity to learn new things about them,  and make a more meaningful connection.

2. Your team! Some business owners think of employees as performers of tasks. However, if you want to get the best out of people, you must be curious about their dreams and desires.

3. Fostering innovation and creating great products.
No matter how creative we believe we are, would- be innovators who fail to open themselves to learning from the world around them and what makes people tick, can’t possibly create unique products or services that people are excited to purchase.

4. Increasing your Business acumen: Being curious about your own industry drives you to learn more. As you satisfy your curiosity, you’re improving your ability to add value to your customers’ businesses.

It’s a trap to be too comfortable in our way of thinking and stop asking questions.
Curiosity is a habit which we can continually cultivate!

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