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On September 25, 2019

Rowena – Moss and Spy

You are amazing Janey how you bring out the best in others, and help provide potential returns for the businesses and brands you work with. Your brilliant people interactions and ability to give back to the community is admirable. All with a serene easy elegance, professional and personable presentation. We are very lucky to have you wanting
On September 25, 2019

Soraya Calavassy

I had the pleasure of attending an interactive workshop at Mumbrella SAGE run by the ever vibrant and engaging Janey Francis from Scarlett Strategic Solutions. From the beginning until the end, Janey was absolutely exceptional and this workshop easily stood out as the highlight of the day. Built around the idea of emotional intelligence, Janey
On April 3, 2019

Jules Blundell

Having been part of her leadership training and company culture initiatives I loved the way Janey handled the resisters and supported the believers. Her intelligent, yet tenacious approach means that she makes an huge impact whilst forming collaborative and safe workshops for challenging teams. Janey, seriously knows her stuff so comes highly recommended.  
On March 9, 2019

Academy of Executive Coaching

Janey is a great person to work with. She is insightful in developing others. She is results focussed. She gets the job done in the best possible way and is great fun to be with at the same time. Karen Smart – Head of Consultancy
On March 9, 2019

Liz Tierney

Janey and I worked together where she was the senior facilitator for the Advanced Diploma of Management and was responsible for all aspects of the programme. Janey is an incredible facilitator. She is passionate, honest and has an amazing catalogue of research and work life experiences from which to draw case studies for discussion in
On March 9, 2019

Luxe Domain

I found Janey wonderful to work with when I needed business coaching for my high-end boutique interior design company. She is highly engaging, has an incredible bank of knowledge, and as her business name suggests, she uses a very strategic approach for what needs to be done and when. No matter how big or small
On March 9, 2019

Eugene Cheah

I have known Janey since 2003 and she remains professional,stylish and a long term friend. She has an intimate understandingof people and what makes them tick. It is no wonder that Janeyhas become so successful with her consultancy in helping teamsperform to their absolute best.
On May 23, 2015

E & S Trading

Janey I thought I would take this opportunity to personally thank you for facilitating what was a great program  and framework for managing change and empowering others and thinking.  This program  not only added value but stretched me to shift my perspective , dissect and change habits. Thank you for all your hard work, knowledge
On May 23, 2015

Kingston City Council

Janey’ is a highly effective facilitator who is very informative and engaging. Janey provided great tools on how to approach everything from day to day organisational challenges, to longer term change and continuous improvement initiatives.
On May 23, 2015

Pentana Solutions

Janey, I have absolutely loved your program and your facilitation has been excellent. It has made me a better leader and taught me so much about my people skills and dealing with my team in a more productive manner.