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The power of "Whole Brain Thinking®"?

‘Cross Train your Brain’ and discover your organization’s ‘brain trust’ to optimize your
company’s brainpower and achieve your organizational objectives.



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Our PASSION is unlocking individuals creative and strategic
thinking powers in order to inspire them to embrace, be invested in ,
and execute to a unified organisational vision


Welcome to Scarlett Strategic Solutions

Who we are

Scarlett Strategic Solutions is a boutique Leadership Development firm specializing in assessing, then developing and connecting executives and their goals to the ‘big picture’- the organizations strategic intent.

What we do


We utilize a range of world-class assessment tools to help accurately and objectively identify the specific capabilities of individuals, teams and organizations.

The areas of focus through assessment are – recruitment and selection, assessment for development, creation of high-performance teams and the identification and creation of the desired organizational culture for productivity, retention, attraction and performance uplift.

We assess talent through various data points – establishing a success profile, the desired leadership competencies for the role, and psychometric profiling and role benchmarking using PRISM, HERMANN BRAIN DOMINANCE INSTRUMENT (HBDI), and HOGAN INVENTORIES.


Cross functional group workshops to develop specific individual leadership capability and competencies.

Team workshops to improve interpersonal dynamics and team cohesion.

Boards and or Executive team group workshops to achieve alignment to organizational vision and strategy.

Board and Executive team group workshops to design or identify desired organizational culture and values.



We provide individual and group leadership coaching and coaching circles where relevant and effective, and design and support learning to achieve personal and professional goals.


Our Purpose

As a brand strategist and effective communication specialist, Janey’s academic and commercial expertise and her dynamic and interactive style, creates executive ownership and engagement in developing leadership potential through the application of various diagnostic tools and models. As a result, her clients experience positive cultural change through improved organizational communication, and customer centricity.

To develop Leadership skills and strategic thinking, Janey incorporates Prism Brain Mapping, Hogan Inventories and the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)- registered quantitative psychometric self -awareness tools which enable ‘whole brain thinking’ in many applications: strategic planning, team building, change leadership, creative problem solving, communication and increased productivity. Janey’s leadership programs interweave these neuroscience-based assessment tools to create awareness and shift mindsets in order to facilitate executive alignment to organizational goals.

Janey is passionate about heightening the self-awareness of others in order for them to achieve their personal and professional goals. She particularly embraces improved interpersonal communication, innovation and creativity in the workplace, and encourages others to shift their perspective in order to tap into their creative energies for problem solving and strategic decision making.

Janey holds multiple qualifications, both academic and professional, under her belt. In addition to her undergraduate degree in law, and Graduate Diploma in Linguistics and Semiotics, Janey also earned a Post Graduate Diploma of Marketing, where she majored in Psychology, as well as a Cert IV Training and Assessment. She is also a certified practitioner for HBDI, Hogan Inventories and Prism Brain Mapping, and applies these models to improve organizational communication, innovation and positive cultural change.

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