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Keynote Presentations

janey-speakerOur Keynote speaker Janey Francis successfully delivers her expertise to a wide range of audiences:

Effective Communication

  • Effective Influencing : Influencing skills and Tailor made Persuasion
  • Communicating in a ‘Cross Generational Workplace’ : Identify the key differences and similarities in generational personalities and perspectives
  • ‘Whole Brain®’, Communication : Diversify your message to suit different thinking styles

The power of Whole Brain Thinking

  • ‘Cross Train your Brain’ and discover your organization’s ‘brain trust’ to optimize your company’s brainpower and achieve your organizational objectives.
  • Gain insight into your own and others thinking styles : Discover and stretch outside  your natural thinking preferences in order to become a more effective and collaborative leader

Customer Centricity

  • Creating a culture of customer centricity: How to shift perspective from a ‘You’ organization -centric approach to a ‘Them’ customer- centric approach’.

Your ‘Brain Power keynote presentation on working with different thinking styles using the HBDI tool is something the world needs a lot more of. There were many ahha! moments.
The audience feedback included the following: ‘brilliant, superb, excellent, insightful, informative, best presentation I have been to, and this was the most insightful session’.

Glen Eira City Council

Lynda Bredin – Manager Economic and Business Development