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Keynote Presentations

Janey Francis : Specialty Expertise


Effective Communication

‘The power of ‘Whole Brain Thinking’ ®

Customer Centricity

Trained in Drama and with post graduate linguistics and marketing qualifications, Janey Francis is a vibrant, energetic and engaging speaker and communications specialist. Powerful communication techniques and their effect on relationships, team dynamics and team performance is her passion. Janey is fascinated by interpersonal dynamics and weaves psychometric tools, analytics, and research insights into her engaging presentations. The result is a distinctive fun filled experience which delights and inspires her audiences while delivering ideas simultaneously with concrete skills. Audience feedback includes  ‘brilliant, superb, excellent, insightful, informative’.

Keynote Presentations

Our Keynote speaker Janey Francis successfully delivers her expertise to a wide range of audiences:

Effective Communication

  • Effective Influencing : Influencing skills and Tailor made Persuasion
  • Communicating in a ‘Cross Generational Workplace’ : Identify the key differences and similarities in generational personalities and perspectives
  • ‘Whole Brain®’, Communication : Diversify your message to suit different thinking styles

The power of Whole Brain Thinking

  • ‘Cross Train your Brain’ and discover your organization’s ‘brain trust’ to optimize your company’s brainpower and achieve your organizational objectives.
  • Gain insight into your own and others thinking styles : Discover and stretch outside  your natural thinking preferences in order to become a more effective and collaborative leader

Customer Centricity

  • Creating a culture of customer centricity: How to shift perspective from a ‘You’ organization -centric approach to a ‘Them’ customer- centric approach’.

Executive Programs

Whole Brain Thinking

The Whole Brain® Advantage

Whole Brain® Advantage solutions give people insight into their own and others’ thinking styles, tools to make the most out of their natural preferences, and the skills they need to stretch outside their preferences in order to become more effective and collaborative leaders.

When employees put Whole Brain Thinking® to work, they approach problems, communications and planning more effectively while breaking out of self-limiting patterns that can interfere with productivity, innovation and creativity. With better thinking across the enterprise, organizations get better results for their customers and the competitive advantage that comes with them. Nine out of ten Fortune 100 organisations rely on the Herrmann Whole Brain® Advantage as a strategic approach that helps them remain successful and customer focussed, even while the competition is grappling with turmoil and upheaval. Their results show the power of Whole Brain Thinking® at work.


Contextualised self awareness and team building workshops.

‘Whole Brain Thinking’ to create a culture of customer centricity.

‘Whole Brain Thinking’ for Strategic marketing.

‘Whole Brain Thinking’ for leading change.

Does your team share these traits?

Are you using your Whole Brain Approach to becoming a Customer Centric Organisation?

Tap into the brains behind your organisation’s success.

Your ‘Brain Power keynote presentation on working with different thinking styles using the HBDI tool is something the world needs a lot more of. There were many ahha! moments.
The audience feedback included the following: ‘brilliant, superb, excellent, insightful, informative, best presentation I have been to, and this was the most insightful session’.

Glen Eira City Council

Lynda Bredin – Manager Economic and Business Development