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Emotional Intelligence Workshops

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Emotional intelligence Workshops

We believe that to bring about a shift from an operational focus to the broader lense of strategic planning and visioning, and to hone and develop sharp strategic thinking skills, we need to better develop our EQ and awareness of self in relation to others.

Our programs incorporate the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), a registered quantitative psychometric self -awareness tool which enables ‘whole brain thinking’ in many leadership skill applications:

  • strategic planning
  • change leadership
  • creative problem solving
  • communication and productivity


The Whole Brain® Advantage

Whole Brain® Advantage solutions give people insight into their own and others’ thinking styles, tools to make the most out of their natural preferences, and the skills they need to stretch outside their preferences in order to become more effective and collaborative leaders.

When employees put Whole Brain Thinking® to work, they approach problems, communications and planning more effectively while breaking out of self-limiting patterns that can interfere with productivity, innovation and creativity. With better thinking across the enterprise, organizations get better results for their customers and the competitive advantage that comes with them. Nine out of ten Fortune 100 organisations rely on the Herrmann Whole Brain® Advantage as a strategic approach that helps them remain successful and customer focussed, even while the competition is grappling with turmoil and upheaval. Their results show the power of Whole Brain Thinking® at work.