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Critical Leadership Skills

The Programs

Critical Leadership Skills Development Programs

We develop a wide range of customised Leadership Programs presented in modules/workshops to enhance your specific organizational performance needs.

Using various diagnostic  tools  to shift mindsets, our programs develop skills in:

  • Effective Leadership vs management
  • EQ, Self-awareness and building relationships with others
  • The Leader as coach – coaching and mentoring
  • Strategic Planning and Visioning
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Creating a culture of Customer Centricity
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Performance Management
  • Leading high-performance teams
  • Managing Change

Strategic Planning and Visioning :

Our Strategic Planning expertise encompasses a six step process that takes in strategic planning, implementation and evaluation. Starting with the mission and statement of purpose, strategic planning workshops forces managers to identify carefully the scope of its products and services. Managers can then identify and agree the goals currently in place and the strategies currently being pursued. The organisations goals once committed, provide managers with the measurable performance targets that employees strive to reach. The strategic planning process encompasses an analysis of both the internal and external environment which pose both threats and opportunities which can be exploited or counteracted. From a SWOT analysis of internal and external strengths and weaknesses, strategic opportunities will become apparent , and strategic objectives emerge. Once identified we assist you create your strategic plan and implementation and review can begin.

Effective Communication

Starting with the psychology of communication Scarlett Strategic Solutions ‘Effective communication’ workshops equip participants with the essential tools to improve relationships with colleagues, team members,managers and key stakeholders. Principles of communication such as Active listening, specific questioning techniques,„ giving and receiving feedback, and building trust and rapport are practised, as well as tips on avoiding the barriers to effective communication .„In terms of ‘ Whole Brain ‘ communication, each quadrant has its own language which is the product of its thinking preferences. Whole brain® communication provides a framework for listening and speaking to others. It enables us to ‘hear’ what others are saying even when they are speaking in a different language. And it enables you to present your ideas in your listener’s preferred language. The result—the lines of communication are opened up.

Building and Leading high performance teams

In team building, organisational team members interact to learn how each member thinks and works. With self awareness and understanding of each team members thinking preferences and individual styles, team cohesion can be created and team and individual goals achieved. Scarlett Strategic Solutions designs and creates activities to include in team building programs which include group goal setting, development of positive interpersonal relations among team members, role analysis to clarify each members role and responsibilities, and team process analysis. Through high interaction, team members learn to increase trust and transparency.. The Whole Brain Thinking Model is a highly effective tool for assisting team members to understand how their fellow team members think and can have a powerful impact on productivity and team effectiveness.

Our Typical Workshop Series

How our Programs Work

To simplify the learning for your team members we structure our programs into four consecutive modules.

  • Pre work Module:
    Profile each participant individually, and as a group, to determine individual thinking styles
  • Module One 1 day Emotional Intelligence / HBDI Individual and Team workshop
    Self awareness assessment tool to ascertain individual strengths and areas for development. Develop and explore strategies for a team to operate as a high performing team with common agreed goals and objectives and to specific client workplace situations.
  • Module Two 1 day / Strategic Planning/ Communication/Customer Centricity workshop
    Explore the Impact of individual communication styles, how to improve communication with internal and external customers and to develop and ensure clear, open and honest communication
  • Module Three : two 1/2 day small group workshops
    Assist and mentor team members with similar low focus areas to achieve leadership development objectives.
  • Post Workshop coaching sessions one on one.