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Strategic Planning Advice

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Strategic Planning Advice


Do you need help to work ‘ on your business not ‘in’ your business? We provide Strategic Business planning, Customer Centricity, Marketing and Brand development concepts and solutions to manufacturing and merchandise focused companies wishing to expand their horizons and streamline their business practices.

How do we assist?

  • Preparation of annual and longer term business and marketing strategies to lead and grow your business
  • Creation of sub-brands and brand extensions
  • Business analysis, forecasting and margin analysis at all product levels
  • Implementation of tiered segmentation strategies

Hello Janey,
I just wanted to let you know that I found your strategic planning advice to be really interesting, fabulously informative and very thought provoking. Your presentation and all your material flowed in such a way that allowed me to build up a picture of what my business is, how I operate and most importantly who my customers are and how to gain an understanding of what it is that they might want from me in terms of product and services. You gave us tools that caused us to think about how we can move forward to further apply the process. Thanks for everything - you have put me on the right track for great business development.
Many, many thanks again,

The Graphic Quill

Lauchean Duncan – Calligrapher/Designer & Manager