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What our clients have to say


Allens Law Firm

Janey’s understanding and knowledge of the importance of strategic direction in a business environment is clearly evident in her approach to developing others. She challenges participants to think big, to think broad, and to think strategically by deepening our appreciation and understanding of the important role each of us play within our organisations. Her delivery and application facilitated a committee-like discussions and sharing of  ideas and experiences, whilst learning at the same time – she is incredibly effective in the way she facilitates!

Janey’s breadth of experience across all leadership competencies is truly remarkable and commendable! Her ‘whole brain’ approach enables participants to maximise their learning and be stronger leaders back in their organisations, whilst applying strategies in a practical business sense. She made herself available for additional coaching and support in order for us to be comfortable and stay on track throughout the program– greatly appreciated by all participants! I came away from her strategic leadership program empowered and confident in my ability to be an effective and valuable strategic manager and leader.

I am incredibly grateful to have had Janey’s support and share my journey with such an inspiring educator and woman.

Michelle Fitzsimmons – Development & Project Consultant


The influencing skills workshop was a great success – I have had very positive feedback from all participants  – the design worked extremely well –All left the workshop highly motivated and I emphasised the importance of putting what they learnt into practice when they return to their work!

I was very impressed with Janey, she very quickly built a good relationship with all – and that’s not easy with such diverse cultural backgrounds – so thank you for providing such a talented  facilitator.

Beverly Watson – Nutrition & Regulatory Affairs Network Manager

Goulburn Murray Water

Janey, my  team has really consolidated with the  team building strategies that you provided and they are using the HBDI ® tool  on a daily basis. They touch base with each other every morning and discuss the issues with a Whole Brain Thinking process. I have to say it’s made a whole world of difference, so thank you!

Kellie Stevens – Team Leader Business & Project Support

Glen Eira City Council

Thank you Janey for agreeing to be a part of our Glen Eira May Small Business Month both sessions  ‘Strategic Planning’ and ‘ Brain Power’  – (Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument).

Your ‘Brain Power ‘ session on working with different thinking styles using the HBDI tool is something the world needs a lot more of. There were many ahha!  moments. 
The audience feedback included the following: ‘brilliant, superb, excellent, insightful, informative, best presentation I have been to, and this was the most insightful session’.  
This is an empowering model which holds the potential to create a more tolerant and productive mindset reaching far beyond the workplace.

The strategic planning workshop was equally well received . Our participants feedback was ‘Well presented, challenging and provision of useful worksheets for future reference ‘, 
‘Provided me with good grounding on how to turn my business around and grow it ‘
‘Janey structures and runs her workshop so well that I would like to do more with her in the future.’

Lynda Bredin – Manager Business Development

Future Leaders International

Janey, has worked with our firm over a number of years with a variety of high profile Multinational clients such as  DBS Bank, Premier Oil, DB Schenker and Abbott Pharmaceuticals. Her work has been exceptionally well received by all our clients.She has especially been appreciated by our clients for her insight and facilitation of strategic planning and customer segmentation exercises. Her practical commercial experience combined with her understanding of the current models and approaches has been greatly valued. We have consistently received rave reviews from our clients.

Janey has also run several HBDI programs for us with positive effect. Her programs bring clarity to the participants in understanding of interpersonal styles and differences and tremendously improve communication, teamwork and collaboration between the teams she has worked with.

I can highly recommend Janey as one of the most competent consultants and facilitators that we have worked with over the past 15 years in our business. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Alinah Hah – Project Manager

Bike Buyer

Janey brings an enormous amount of enthusiasm and passion to the  program she delivers.  Backed by a vast amount of experience in varying sectors, Janey ensures real world examples are brought into her sessions.  Janey has given me the confidence to enhance my leadership abilities in my business and deliver better outcomes that are underpinned by sound commercial and strategic practices.

Ben Norden – Managing Director

Bayside City Council

My program director Janey Francis was inspirational and extremely supportive. I was impressed by her industry knowledge and her ability to bring out the best in her participants. Her program has demystified what management actually entails and has given me the confidence to say: I CAN do that!!!”

Chris Vlachos

E & S Trading

The delivery of the HBDI model by Janey, was fantastic. The entire group was sincerely engaged and interested to learn more about themselves and others thinking preference. Janey’s ability to encourage the group to uncover their thinking styles created a great dynamic within the team that allowed them to explore and engage in a thought process that discovered their key strengths as well as preferred areas for development. As the session progressed everyone was keen to identify their own preferred thinking style and how they responded to things under pressure. Some of the best outcomes of the day were created through the groups awareness and understanding of thinking in alternate preferences, together with the importance of how this information can be used to explore a diverse range of options to develop a whole brain approach to so many areas of our business. We look forward to the continuity and success of using the HBDI model in our business.

Karen Mahoney – Sales Coach & Training Manager

The Graphic Quill

Hello Janey, 

I just wanted to let you know that I found  your “What if”  strategic planning program to be really interesting, fabulously informative and very thought provoking.  Your presentation and all your material flowed in such a way that allowed me to build up a picture of what my business is, how I operate and most importantly who my customers are and how to gain an understanding of what it is that they might want from me in terms of product and services. You gave us tools the caused us to think about how we can move forward.  The pace at which you moved through was perfect, with no time wasted. Time where we could develop firm ideas and have plenty of information to  further apply the process. Thanks for everything – you have put me on the right track for great business development.
Many, many thanks again,

Lauchean Duncan – Calligrapher/Designer & Manager

Retirement Village Association

Janey is a breath of fresh air. From the moment I sat down for the course, Janey emanated passion for sharing her knowledge and experience. Although she is very encouraging of drawing your own conclusions she has a balanced faciltation  style of guiding her disciples to think outside of the box. Strategy and business is not always according to the text book and Janey really brought her personal experience and professional expertise to each session. I was able to get to know more about myself and leadership  style throughout her sessions and with use of the HBDI theory results.

Thank you Janey!

Joëlle Muns – Vic/Tas Regional Manager

Pentana Solutions

Janey, I have absolutely loved your program and your facilitation has been excellent. It has made me a better leader and taught me so much about my people skills and dealing with my team in a more productive manner.

Dayna Russell – Global Administration Manager

Kingston City Council

Janey’ is a highly effective facilitator who is very informative and engaging. Janey provided great tools on how to approach everything from day to day organisational challenges, to longer term change and continuous improvement initiatives.

Michelle Hawker

E & S Trading

Janey I thought I would take this opportunity to personally thank you for facilitating what was a great program  and framework for managing change and empowering others and thinking.  This program  not only added value but stretched me to shift my perspective , dissect and change habits. Thank you for all your hard work, knowledge and support during this application.

Jason Webster – Operations Manager