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Archive for May 2019

On May 27, 2019

Reward & Recognition – One Size Does Not Fit All

How is one employee motivated differently to another? Do they both share the same response to the same style of recognition or reward? Why is it that a simple pay rise can lead to greater fulfillment to some in the team and yet not seem to entirely satisfy others. According to research and validated psychological
On May 21, 2019

The key components of Employee Value Proposition

When we think about EVP, it is often understood as purely the salary and benefits an organization offers in exchange for an employee’s delivery of skills experience and productivity. However, with a deeper dive, EVP has many more components to it. These can be summarized as organizations: Culture, Work environment, Career opportunities, Benefits, and Compensation.
On May 5, 2019

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Have you ever heard of a ‘push’ strategy’?. That’s the term for the old-fashioned notion of going into business with a design, product or service expertise, and then going about finding as many people as possible and advertising to them in the hope of persuading them to buy your product or services. A ‘pull’ strategy