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On October 2, 2020

Harnessing empathy to decode your colleagues cues

How honed are your antennae? Empathy, or the ability to understand and feel what others experience, is an essential quality to win our ever changing future. For those of us with super sensitive antennae, cues from others as to their emotional state, are readily buzzing, but this is not a given for all. Now in
On September 2, 2020

How heightening our E.Q. helps us master turbulence

Each time I have observed a mindset shift within myself, or noticed one in others in the workplace, I have also experienced this to be accompanied by a great deal of positive energy and personal well being. These ‘reframes’ or mindset shifts can help people overcome tired and tested relationships, or manifest into a new
On August 18, 2020

Crafting Organizational Culture through Communication- The intergenerational element

There’s no question that the mark Millennial’s (1981- 1996) and Generation Z, (1997- 2012) are making in organisations is increasingly significant. This can be a scary thought for those of us who haven’t quite grasped the concept of sharing our workspace with people we don’t yet understand, raising the question of how to best communicate
On August 10, 2020

Salvaging spontaneity in the days of COVID – is it possible?

  Conversations and casual communication are often when great ideas are formed, prompts for action occur, opportunities arise and collaboration flourishes. For those of us who are hard wired to think creatively, love to brainstorm in the spur of the moment, erupt sometimes erratically, and make things happen ‘ on the hop’, our ability to
On July 29, 2020

The Case for Curiosity

Curiosity can be defined as the drive to pursue new experiences and information and discover new possibilities.  It is a basic human attribute possessed by all of us. The question is- how does this relate to business and why is it important? Being curious and learning something requires us to exercise cognitive muscles that may
On September 18, 2019

Storytelling, a Communication Technique

Why tell stories? People like them. Used well, stories can add enormous impact to your communication. Stories act as powerful guides for behaviour, they teach specific lessons; they are the “glue” that holds the culture of an organisation together. Stories provide a blueprint for the way we are in this place, how we deal with
On August 24, 2019

Theresa Wiseman’s Four Attributes of Empathy

To be able to see the world as others see it – this requires putting our stuff aside to see the situation through the eyes of a loved one. To be nonjudgemental – judgement of another person’s situation discounts the experience and is an attempt to protect ourselves from the pain of the situation. To
On July 13, 2019

Why Self-Awareness Creates a Strong Culture

 We all love to think we are embarking on a continuous path of professional development. However, there is a distinct and definite cornerstone to professional development. Naturally, it just happens to be ‘self- awareness’. So how do we know if we are self – aware, and what are the consequences to this ideal state of