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Culture is Key– What role does Passion play ?

On April 11, 2019

Culture is Key– What role does Passion play ?

Lets talk about Culture and Passion at work-

Culture is heralded as one of the most important factors for a business’ long-term success — second to the overall business model, of course.!

Passion is the things that light you up. Passion at work is having a purpose, loving what you do and having a vested interest in your individual and your company’s success.

So what is the connection between a great culture and passion ?

Providing people an ideal cultural environment in which to work is about making them feel truly invested in their jobs. If you as a leader or business owner can create a culture that your employees embrace , they’ll feel that the office is an extension of their home and will feel both excited and passionate about the work they’re doing. More passionate workers means more productive, more innovative and more creative work (not to mention higher employee satisfaction).

So if you can provide a great place to work by building an aligned and motivated team that grows and learns fast, celebrates often and genuinely cares for its people, it will free up your time as a manager, or owner and will deliver productivity, and happy customers

So how to make it happen???

Keeping the core purpose at heart and lead great behaviour

Know and articulate your company’s purpose . What is it there to do and why? A brief statement that anyone can read and know exactly what you are up to !Employees who keep the core purpose  at heart will be more likely to stick with it, helping your company stay on track with its identity. A company with a passion and a strong purpose, then, may be able to encourage more individuals to buy into that purpose and complete the feedback loop.

Find the four core values that inspire great behaviour -If the values you chose to live your life by are aligned to those of your organisation, it creates a certain sort of congruence. Being at work is like being at home. Decisions are easier to make because they are using core values as a guiding light. Can your employees however articulate your four core values? Do you share stories to reward, recognise and re-educate these core values?


Develop a North Star and execute towards it

A great culture needs a destination – a three year painted vision which is inspiring specific and possible.  Hitting goals aligns a team- missing them destroys morale.

A clear vision is inspiring, however more motivating again is constant communication to track progress- regular updates and progress and celebrating milestones along the way.


Show more love

A common complaint of a business owner – why don’t the staff love my business as much as I do?  Work needs to be enjoyable from the first welcome experience to the daily grind. Successful cultures create an environment where team members all receive regular and genuine appreciation from someone that counts to them.  How do your individual team members enjoy acknowledgement ? It is not a one size all approach . Make the effort to find out the different styles and needs of your team when it comes to recognition and validation.

Connectivity is king- do you set aside a budget for celebrating milestones, successes and for when team members are struggling at home ?


How does the great culture you create, help your business grow?

Creating a great place to work by building an aligned and motivated team that grows and learns fast, celebrates often and genuinely cares for its people, frees up your time as an owner and operator and delivers productivity, and happy customers .

Like all businesses you need talent in order to stay afloat but attracting that talent can be a challenge even for a long-established company. You can spend money to post more job ads, hire professional recruiters or head-hunt at professional networking events, but sometimes the inbound approach is easier: If you have a well-established company culture (and a reputation to go along with it), talented people will naturally seek you out. Most talented candidates know their worth and are picky about where they work. They tend to want more than just a salary in terms of an office culture that meshes well with their personalities. If your culture doesn’t fit that, they’ll move on — leaving you only those talented candidates who have filtered themselves as good fits for your brand.

It’s hard to build a successful company if your employee turnover is excessive. Finding new candidates, training them and integrating them into your business takes time, costs money and may lower overall morale. With a strong company culture that encourages people to come to work every day, retention numbers should go up.

 Purpose, passion, and connectivity are key.

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