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Storytelling, a Communication Technique

On September 18, 2019

Storytelling, a Communication Technique

Why tell stories? People like them. Used well, stories can add enormous impact to your communication.

Stories act as powerful guides for behaviour, they teach specific lessons; they are the “glue” that holds the culture of an organisation together. Stories provide a blueprint for the way we are in this place, how we deal with things here, what is “ok” and “not ok”. They articulate the way in which an organisation is special, or different from other organisations. 

Stories can embed values, articulate vision and give meaning to events. Business stories are not fancy, crafted stories you might expect an archetypal storyteller to tell. Rather, they are often simple utterances in response to questions like, “So, what happened?” or “What’s going on around here?” Simple stories like these help people make sense of what’s happening. Start collecting stories. Be deliberate when you share them; they can provide incredible insights.

Tips for creating a story

  • Storytelling is simply providing an example or recounting an experience.
  • Make it your own.
  • Set the scene – the situation, the task at hand.
  • What occurred – what was said or not said, what was done or not done.
  • The outcome – the result; the impact or consequence of the action or inaction.

What is the insight from your story ?– lessons to apply to future situations

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