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The Case for Curiosity

On July 29, 2020

The Case for Curiosity

Curiosity can be defined as the drive to pursue new experiences and information and discover new possibilities.  It is a basic human attribute possessed by all of us. The question is- how does this relate to business and why is it important?

Being curious and learning something requires us to exercise cognitive muscles that may have gone slack. But we can harness our right brain’s strength in exploring the unknown if we so chose.

Cultivating curiosity at all executive levels in an organization enables us to adapt to uncertain market conditions and external pressures, such as the ones we are facing right now.

Here are some ways exercising our brain to constantly stay curious, can create positive effects to help us succeed in business:

1. Building customer relationships:

People are drawn to those who show interest in them. Having a keen fascination in others gives you the opportunity to learn new things about them and make a more meaningful connection.

2. Fostering innovation and creative solutions and products:

When something triggers our curiosity, we think more deeply about decisions and come up with more-creative solutions. No matter how creative we believe we are, would-be innovators who fail to open themselves up to learning from the world and people around them can’t possibly create unique products or services that people are excited to purchase.

3. Better team performance due to more open communication:

Curiosity exposes a certain vulnerability, which breeds respect from others. It also encourages all of us to develop more trusting and collaborative relationships with our colleagues.

Sharing information more openly and listening more carefully is vital in communication. This then flows into reduced group conflict as well as an increase in motivation and productivity when those whom they respect are curious about their dreams and desires.

4. Increasing Business acumen:

Being curious about our own industry drives us to learn more. As we satisfy our curiosity,  we are improving our ability to add value to our customers’ businesses.

Curiosity is a habit which we can continually cultivate with the right tools. It’s a trap to be too comfortable in our way of thinking and stop asking questions. The power of seeking to conquer the unknown cannot be underestimated.

Our advice? Keep asking questions

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