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E & S Trading

On May 23, 2015

E & S Trading

The delivery of the HBDI model by Janey, was fantastic. The entire group was sincerely engaged and interested to learn more about themselves and others thinking preference. Janey’s ability to encourage the group to uncover their thinking styles created a great dynamic within the team that allowed them to explore and engage in a thought process that discovered their key strengths as well as preferred areas for development. As the session progressed everyone was keen to identify their own preferred thinking style and how they responded to things under pressure. Some of the best outcomes of the day were created through the groups awareness and understanding of thinking in alternate preferences, together with the importance of how this information can be used to explore a diverse range of options to develop a whole brain approach to so many areas of our business. We look forward to the continuity and success of using the HBDI model in our business.

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